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93% Candidate Success rate

I spent the last decade building and scaling unicorn startups, raising over $3B in venture capital, taking 2 startups public, and growing organizations from <30 to 2000+.Since 2020, I've coached 137+ job seekers how to tell powerful stories and land their dream jobs.My goal is to make the same tools and frameworks I teach in my 1:1 coaching available broadly, to help 10 million people land their dream jobs.

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3 Ways I can Help You


The Only Interview Prep Course You Need

All of my best tools, frameworks and techniques packaged into short, affordable video courses and guided workbooks designed to efficiently move your job search to the finish line.


The Career Whispers

I write a weekly newsletter with tips and advice to help you thrive in tech careers.You'll find lots of posts on job searching with tactics you can implement right away, and advice to optimize your productivity, alignment, and happiness in your role.


Resume Rewrite and Tech Career Coaching

Coaching for any situation you're face with in your tech career: role pivots, resume overhauls, job search strategy, interview skills, offer negotiation, or on-the-job coaching support.I offer seminar-style cohort based coaching and limited weekly on-demand coaching slots.

Course #1

First Round Ready

Every job offer starts with passing the first round interview.

Learn the essential tools to efficiently prep for your first round interview -- in just 77 minutes.PLUS, get my step-by-step interview prep workbook to make interview prep focused, systematic, and highly effective.This system works for 93% of customers. That's right: 93% of people who use First Round Ready pass their first-round interviews (and usually second and final rounds as well).

First Round Ready course land your dream job


The Career Whispers

A weekly tech career experimentation newsletter with specific, tactical ideas for tech workers. Written by Coach Erika, a startup and Big Tech veteran.Topics include: career pivots and job searches, interviewing, promotions and compensation, productivity, navigating workplace dynamics, and career wellness.Join 4,000+ tech workers experimenting weekly to optimize their careers. Subscribe for free, or pay to support my work (and enjoy more detailed content).Delivered to your inbox weekly.

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Resume Glow Up

Resume Review
(We work together)

Book 1:1 time with me to do a resume gut check or to rewrite/overhaul your resume, together.


As a starting point, you must already have an editable resume up to date with your most recent role. (It's OK if it's not perfect or ugly, we'll fix that!).

What to expect

Session 1: We'll discuss your job search goals and define an overall resume strategy. We'll then pull up your resume and identify all of the improvement areas.Session 2: We'll open your resume and make edits together, in real-time. As we do this, I'll teach you how to describe and verbalize a powerful and compelling career story that maps your past experience to your target roles and companies.In 2-3 sessions, you'll have a completely overhauled resume and you will learn from me how to improve your resume in the future.**While most clients can complete their resume rework with me in 1-2 sessions, some take a full 3 sessions. This is often because we do additional coaching in the mix (telling your career story, answering recruiter questions, and job application strategies).

Resume Overhaul
(I work alone)

I will completely overhaul your resume, including ATS optimization. My tried-and-true approach (I've rewritten over 100 tech resumes) will make you look your best on paper and will grab the attention of ATS filters, recruiters, and hiring managers.


You must already have a resume with updated content as a starting point. (It's OK if it's old or ugly, I'll fix that!)

What to expect

(1) a thorough 1:1 session to understand your goals
(2) a brand new resume in 3-7 business days
(3) unlimited revisions for 2 weeks

Add Ons:

Alternate resume versions for different target roles

LinkedIn profile optimization

Job Search Coaching

Cohort-based Workshop

Teeing up Your Job Search Workshop

I'm hosting a live cohort-based workshop to help you design and lead a more efficient and targeted job search.Get application and screener ready, with confidence and community.The workshop helps you adapt your job search to the current tech job market. Learn how to frame your expertise and attract more employers (on your Resume and LinkedIn), job search in your Zone of Genius, network with ease, and convert more opportunities into interviews.Walk away with a specific, actionable job search plan and a refreshed LinkedIn, resume, and intro blurb.Plus, get into a pod with a small cohort of other tech job seekers to help co-source opportunities, review resumes, and do mock interviews.I’ve coached more than 250 job seekers over the last 3.5 years, and now I’d love to teach you how to unlock your job search. Workshop seats for each cohort are limited to ensure I can give each job seeker attention and focus.Check out the link below to learn more about the Workshop and enroll in the next cohort.

1:1 Coaching

One-off Coaching Sessions

Work with me directly to address your specific situation 1:1.

Session topics:

1:1 sessions are ideal for:
⦿ Resume or LinkedIn profile rework
⦿ Interview process prep
⦿ Diagnosing interview readiness
⦿ Mock interviews
⦿ Recruiter screen prep
⦿ Offer negotiation tips and tactics
⦿ Mock offer negotiation
⦿ Error handling and "how to respond to X" during your job search

Results that Speak for Themselves

candidate success rate


of candidates who work with me land their dream roles at top-tier companies like Google, Airbnb, Apple, Uber, and more.What's your dream job?



I ensure that you perform at your maximum capacity and land better-paying roles. Then I help you negotiate your offer and get paid what you're worth.Client comp increase range to date:
$37,000 - $152,000 per year


Free Guides

coach erika free guides

Job Search Referral Strategy

Thanks to ATS, only 25% of resumes are read by humans. Learn the techniques that will ensure that your resume is reviewed by a human -- and instantly 2x your odds of getting screened in for a role!plus...how to find and network with hiring managers.

coach erika free guides

Weekly Reflection Template

I believe in the power of metacognition, and this free template will help you organize your goals, focus, and deliver on weekly personal and professional growth.

Free Video Guides


My proven approach to answering any "tell me about a time when" behavioral interview question. The secret is the growth mindset!

The Failure Question

Failing is part of life, and the way you talk about your failures can make all the difference. Funny thing is, that time you failed might actually be the key to landing this job. Let me teach you how to turn failure into a compelling reason to hire you.

"Tell me About Yourself"

My proven approach to answering any "tell me about a time when" behavioral interview question. The secret is the growth mindset!

Questions for Interviewers

The questions that you ask your interviewers should be bi-drectional and high-signal, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to formulate high-signal questions and never worry about The Competition.

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Resume Ready

Resumes are the first opportunity to tell our career stories: what we've achieved and where we're headed.In <1hr, this course teaches you how to use your resume to tell a strategic, compelling career story and get in the door. The course comes with a workbook and ATS-optimized resume templates, so your best resume yet can be ready to get your hired -- by the end of the day!Join the waitlist for updates on the course drop date and a waitlist-only discount 💸

Coming Soon

Recruiter Screen Ready

The first time you speak with someone at the company, it's usually a recruiter (internal or external). There's a lot at stake, and this course teaches you what recruiters need to hear to move you forward, the common red flags you'll want to avoid, and how to position yourself for a successful offer negotiation down the line.Join the waitlist for updates on the course drop date and a waitlist-only discount 💸


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